Monday, December 14, 2009


Journal Day Five

Well, I’m down to an A+P paper and a few more journal entries and this semester is over. I survived it but more importantly I learned from it. As I sit here writing this journal entry, instead of dreaming about what else I could be doing, I’m reflecting over what I’ve done. I have done lab work that gave me a different perspective on parts of my job. I have been introduced to some fantastic literature that I would have never discovered on my own and I’ve had a chance to engage in some fantastic lit discussions with interesting people who opened my eyes to many different points of view. Oh and write, boy have I written! For Eng 162, I’ve done 75 different writings (not counting the dreaded rewrites) and for Eng 112 I’ve done 100 postings on stories on poems, plus 4 critical essays. A+P Lab was easy in the writing department, only had to do three papers for that one. Next semester only involves 2 papers, and I thought I would be happy about that, but now that it is ending I find I’m going to miss the writing. I’ve been whiny about it, I’ve struggled with it, and I don’t think the backspace or delete buttins on my computer will ever recover, but I’ve realized it gives me great satisfaction. I check both 162 and 112 daily to see if there is anything new, a post I need to answer, or an essay I need to rewrite. I’m not sure figuring algebra equations is going to give me the same satisfaction that reading what others think of my thoughts and opinions does. Oh well, the end is almost here, and instead of being euphoric about it, I’m rather sad.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


You Really Expect Me To Believe That!?
AKA: Top Ten Excuses Heard in EMS 123

“I must have gotten the wrong syllabus, mine didn’t say we were having an exam this week.” (Unfortunately, it got thrown away.)
“I’ve been in shock for a week, I can’t make it to class this week.” (Must have forgotten I’m an EMS instructor.)
“I don’t think I can take the test today, I only slept an hour last night, had a bachelor party for my roommate.” (Yeh well, suck it up, I’ve worked the last 3 days and nights, welcome to the world of EMS.)
“My workbook is in a hotel in Massachusetts, but I can drive down after class and get it and pass it in tomorrow morning.” (Why don’t you have them send it and bring me the postmarked envelope, it would be much more believable.)
“I can’t do that. I haven’t been near a strange pair since 1972 and my wife would kill me.” (Try telling that to your patient who needs to be put in a KED, and you’ll get a real life experience with Joe Bornstein.)
“I don’t think I’ll be able to get to class by 9:00, I’m not really a morning person.” (Did you notice we offered three other classes that started at 6:00 PM!)
“I can’t read the chapters on Trauma; the pictures are too gory.” (You did realize you were signing up for EMS 123, right?)
“I got in the parking lot and realized I forgot my bra, I need to go home for the day.” (Wonder what that outline was on her back as she was walking out of the room? Pretty damn original though.)
“My dog crapped on my homework.” (Guess it’s better than my dog ate my homework, and no I have no desire to see the original.)
“My clinical at Capital went way over, so I’m too tired to be in class today.” (My personal favorite; as I work from 7 pm to 7 am at Capital, and the student WAS NOT there when I got to work the night before. Maybe choosing another service to fib about would have been a little smarter.)

So future students if you plan on taking my classes, please stay away from these excuses. I didn’t buy them then, I won’t buy them now, and they won’t make me laugh the second time around.

Journal Day Four

I have been so busy, that my journal has suffered. The good news is that my list is almost finished. I’m down to one juxtaposition essay (though it’s almost finished), two lit posting comments (but no one has posted yet, so there’s nothing there for me to comment on, going to be really pissed if I have to stay up till midnight waiting), my critical essay for lit (in the work), and my A+P research paper (research done; just need to put it to paper). Still have 2 more classes to teach this week and 5 nights to work, but that’s okay. So tonight, I’m settled in listening to the rain, happy with what I have accomplished and not overly stressed about what I have left to do. Still dreaming about what I’d rather be doing though. As I sit here listening to the rain, I can picture a cabin on a lake. The rain would be okay. But the temperature needs to be at least 40 to 50 degrees warmer. A small fire in the fireplace, a collection of romantic comedies to while the night away with and cold Woodchuck Hard Cider in my hand. No clocks, no calendars, no commitments. I wouldn’t want it to last forever but at least long enough to be truly relaxed.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Journal Day Three

Journal Day Three

What a miserable miserable day! Even the storm couldn’t cooperate, it couldn’t start early enough to get a snow day, but oh no we had to get out just long enough so that I could get side swiped on the way home by someone trying to pass on the right, none the less, what were they thinking? Not hurt and minimal damage is the up side. Then I get to drive all night in this miserable crap, I’m sure someone will need an ambulance somewhere. My to-do list is dwindling though; first A+P paper done, with the second one almost there. Nothing to paper for my last 162 essay, but at least there are ideas bouncing around in my head. I’m starting to feel like I can breathe again, but still dreaming of what I could be doing instead. This snow certainly makes my fantasy today much bigger than looking at Christmas lights. Instead of going to work tonight, think I’ll hop on my private jet, with Dom Perignon flowing freely. Off to St. Marteen I go. Beaches as far as I can walk, water 88 degrees and green as cat’s eyes. Lawn chair, umbrella drinks served by personal waiter, conch fritters for lunch. End the day by watching the sunset from my villa on the hillside while having exotic fruits and beverages served by a new cabana boy. Now, if I can come up with the private jet, I’m sure I can pull off the rest of the fantasy.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Journal Day Two

Journal Day Two

Okay, so I knocked some stuff off the list yesterday. Finished the final exam for my A+P class, got one of the short papers written for A+P, and didn’t get a rewrite on one of my juxtaposition themes for Eng 162. Still a lot left to do, but the mountain isn’t quite as intimidating as it was yesterday. My biggest hurdle right now is coming up with one more thing to write for week 15 in 162. Now technically I can get the A still, as it would be the only one I’ve missed, but the overachiever in mw can’t reconcile not completely finishing something. So while the overachiever in me wrestles for a topic, the dreamer in me can think of much better things to do. I had my relaxing night at home last night so what to do tonight? Christmas lights, that’s it I want to look at Christmas lights. I want to get in my car, where I have already found a station that plays 24 hour Christmas music, and just ride gazing at all the Christmas decorations. I want to see the beautiful houses, the tacky houses, and even the so-so houses. I just want to absorb the beauty of lights and make my Christmas spirit soar. Of course, I’m starting to wonder if this could be the theme for my last 162 essay, what I should be doing and what I’d really like to be doing. Now that is a definite juxtaposition.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Journal Day One

Journal Day One:

So many things going on now, how am I going to fit them all in? I am truly a procrastinator, but if I don’t do a time budget, time line, whatever you want to call it I am going to be screwed. I have a take home A + P final that is the equivalent of 500 questions, has to be done by Thursday. Still need to do two posts and a critical essay for Literature by Sunday. Three papers for A + P, two short ones by Thursday and one long one by Sunday. One more juxtaposition story and journal postings for Creative Non-fiction that I really want to have done by Friday. That’s it for schoolwork, but wait I have to work to. Damn the fact bills need to be paid and cars need gas. I’m teaching Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday and working on the truck Wednesday and Thursday night. Oh yea, there’s the Christmas party I need to go to Friday night, don’t really want to but my damn sense of responsibility won’t let me say no. What I’d really rather be doing tonight then all this damn homework is making a stop at the Wine Cellar, browsing, touching bottles and reading labels. Then I’d like to go home, cook some fantastic seafood concoction for dinner, and enjoy it with a nice glass of wine from the bottle I indulged on. Follow that with a bubbly tubby, some candles and another glass of that wine. A book of my choice (something trashy with zero educational value), cuddled up in my pink footie jammies with another glass of wine to end the evening. Oh what a fabulous night that will be if only in my fantasies.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another try at Week Fifteen Theme

A slice in the life of…. December 6, 2009

***6" of snow here on the cove.. Aiden is giggling.
***Gonna shovel off the porches and get my Christmas on...It's a Hobbit marathon for me today.
***Who really wanted this white stuff anyway?
****Excited about going to get a Christmas tree with Darla and her boys.
***Plow hooked up, driveway cleaned out, tree purchased and up for the wife and kiddo to decorate.
***I'm happy. Don't wreck it by talking!
***Wish I could try out my snowmobiles today, oh well next snowstorm I am sure.
***In Harrington watching Worcester Wreath trucks leave with all the wreaths for Arlington Cemetery.
***Not liking this state of snowy affairs.
*** He is going back to bed after finishing the Christmas lights.
***My feet hurt. My knee is scraped from tripping and falling in the middle of the road. It was still a fun night though!
***I have to get the driveway shoveled in the morning because the plow has chosen now to stop functioning.
***Watchin' the Patriots and putting up the Christmas tree.
***Playin in the snow with 'Bammie'.
***Chauffeuring Miss Tiffany around in the snow today.
***Not sure what to think about all this white stuff, guess it was going to come sooner or later.
***What a send off.....shoveling to get out of the driveway
***Snow sucks!

***So that my friends is your creative nonfiction version of December 6, 2009 as directly posted by YOU!! Enjoy!


***The night goes into morning—
***What’s the point in putting it down?
***I remember all my life raining down as cold as ice—
***With you there’s heaven—
***Ain’t no time to grieve—
***I’ve been alive forever—
***I can’t laugh and I can’t sing--
***Music too magic to end—
***I feel a change coming—
***When will our eyes meet—
***Left each other on the way—
***Singin’ to the world—
***The tears are in my eyes are in my mind and nothing is rhyming—
***Who could ask for more—
***I’m finding it hard to do anything—
***Playin’ hide and seek with hearts—
***I;m young again, even though I’m very old—
***and baby they’ll be dancing in the streets—
***Yesterday’s a dream-I face the morning—

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Theme Week 14 #2

Life Recipe

3 parts responsibility
2 parts funny girl
6 parts loving partner
6 parts mother (grandmother can be used as a substitute here)
3 parts loyalty
2 parts heart break
2 parts stupidity

Mix together and let age for at least 40 years or until maturity seems imminent

When sufficiently ripened add:

A little extra responsibility
1 part nonchalance (if not available, could really care less what you think, is an acceptable substitute)
1 part mellowness
3 parts compassion
4 parts comfortable in own skin

Mix together until all parts are well blended. The final result should bear a resemblance to a woman who has lived life and enjoyed every minute of the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.

Theme Week 14 #1

The Long and Short of It

Life is short. Live it to the fullest tomorrow is only a probability not a definite.
Life is long. Forty turns into fifty, fifty to sixty, sixty to seventy, and maybe seventy to eighty, ninety or even one hundred.
Life is short. Never say no to something you really want, this may be your last chance to have it.
Life is long. Skin wrinkles, hair turns grey, joints start to ache.
Life is short. Be generous with your time and money, you can’t take either into the ground with you.
Life is long. Children grow up, they leave, and they bring home grandchildren.
Life is short. Take advantage of every opportunity presented to you, it may never pass your way again.
Life is long. Hot is a term no longer applied to your looks, but the flashes you have in the middle of the night.
Life is short. Eat well, take chances, and smile often.
Life is long. Don’t burn bridges you may need to cross later.
Life is short. Love those worth it and try to love those who might not be so worthy.
Life is long. Forgive those who deserve it and even those who may not.
Life is short. Each day is a gift
Life is long. Each day is a gift.